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Animators were flown over to work on the game cutscenes.Philips also gave very little input, but Dale De Sharone expressed in an interview that he believed Philips would not have approved of a top-down view for the games, as it would have "looked old, and (would not) make use of the CD-i capabilities." The lack of input from both companies allowed the developers room for creative development.

After being refused a kiss "for luck" from Princess Zelda, Link goes with Gwonam on his magic carpet to Koridai.Ganon drops the key to Zelda's prison chamber, where Link finds her asleep.He rings a giant gong and wakes her up, exclaiming that he just saved her, though she teasingly does not believe him.After an attempt to produce to CD-ROM based add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System with Philips failed, Nintendo reached a compromise and gave Philips the license to five of their franchises' characters for use in the Philips CD-i.Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon were developed by Animation Magic, then known as Dale Disharoon, Inc. The developers settled on making two separate games featuring Link and Zelda.

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