Updating the site content type failed

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The following table lists example installation scenarios and the commands required to perform them.

The notation Use the Java item in the Windows Start menu to get access to essential Java information and functions, including help, API documentation, the Java Control Panel, checking for updates, and Java Mission Control.

The following modified script does this for the “Title” field (note that I’ve changed the function signature to take the title in as a parameter): The changes to the original function have been highlighted.

Note that the internal field name for the “Title” field is “Job Title” and that is what we are using to set the Title.

After the download has completed, verify that you have downloaded the complete file. If you downloaded either file instead of running it directly from the web site, double-click the installer's icon.

Then, follow the instructions the installer provides.

The exact reason for this error is not known at this time.One of my clients recently had an issue where a particularly high profile user (CEO) had their title spelled incorrectly in Active Directory; unfortunately the error wasn’t noticed right away and now, despite changing the information in Active Directory, Share Point was still showing the wrong title in the People Picker when granting the user rights to a Site Collection.Fortunately I had a partial Power Shell script to fix the issue and just needed to only slightly modify it – you can see the original script on pages 299 and 300 of my book.Now if we look at the user details in the Site Collection and the People Picker we should see the following: Notice that the the “Name” / “Display Name” and “Work e-mail” / “E-Mail” fields were updated but not the “Title” field.This is because the corresponding to the user from the hidden “User Information List” and then update the corresponding fields manually.

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