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The latest multiple choice questions on this topic can be downloaded and installed to your computer by creating an account in the online study and installing the latest version of the "Betabox Software". Click here to see detailed video instructions on using Sea online license preparation.If you are currently a user of the New Online Study, any downloads and purchases made through your old online study account can be rolled over to the new software based on the New Online Study Database.

The new Sea Sources online testing site is now available with the Score History as well as many other new features which we hope will make studying for your exams enjoyable as well as more affordable.

All of the individual subject modules listed on the left are available for download directly from the online test site as well as free upgrades whenever any changes or additions are made to questions or illustrations.

Anyone who has previously purchased Sea Sources software will be eligible for free upgrades to their modules which were purchased on CD or downloaded.

All related illustrations which are used in reference to the questions are included and can be seen by clicking on "see diagram" when it is present during a quiz.

The online quizzes are presented in an interactive, easy to use, point and click, multiple choice format.

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