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I have been tasked with reviving an old database that stopped working about 3 years ago :( On one of the tabs is a list of links to other databases utilising the Hyperlink feature of MS Access and one of the problems with this database is that all these files moved to new locations when a big server "move round" occured about a month ago. How do i update the hyperlinks without deleting the entire form and starting from scratch using my own methods to create links to other files.

Whenever i right click the button that opens the page and select "Edit Hyperlink" i get a new form with the hyperlink on it and this is what i update however when i click OK it does not save this change and reverts back to the original Hyperlink. Hi Darryl, I have done something similar lately, and have discovered that the best way (IMHO) to update a hyperlink to a file is to do so in code, wher you can append "#file://" to the beginning of the hyperlink data.

This will also happen if you attempt to run a VBA recordset against a spreadsheet in mid-edit.

Now, as I understand your problem, you have a linked spreadsheet that has cell references to other, closed workbooks, and you need to be assured that you are pulling the latest cell values in Access before you do stuff. You will need to open the workbook with vba code and tell it to update remote references I created two workbooks, created a remote reference in the first one in column 1 row 8.

Update End With My File = Dir 'Import the next XL file in the directory.

If Len(My File) 0 Then My Path = My Dir & "\" & My File End If int FC = int FC 1 Loop Set rst Files = Nothing Set My DB = Nothing Msg = "" Msg = Msg & int FC Msg = Msg & " XL filenames have been imported." Msg Box Msg Me.

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In an access database, I have a table zips with zipcodes and the county and state they are in. I set up a query with the linked excel tab and the access table and join them on the common zip field. Tx Dale Yes, beginning with version 2002 or 2003, Access lost the ability to update linked Excel sheets. Use the built-in Help that comes with Excel/Access 2. A lot of VBA code can be acquired by using the Macro Recorder. Of course, the really simple solution would be to use an older version of Access (i.e.

I was importing a bunch of files that were all in one directory, and had pretty much completely automated this routine.

I used Terry Kreft's Browse Folder function select a directory, then wrote the results of a Dir loop to a table that contained the file names ("tbl File Names").

I understand that once the spreadsheet is updated it automatically updates my linked table in Access. I understand that once the spreadsheet is updated it automatically updates my linked table in Access. My experience is that Excel spreadsheet linked to Access do one of two things when the Access application they are linked to is open and the linked table object is open. Now, A user may have the Excel file open before you start Access. The flickering 'This action cannot be completed because the other application is busy. This 163-page guide covers all 10 of the exam blueprint sections.

You might try this, assuming that your Excel Application is open and the linked spreadsheet is the Active Worksheet: Dim obj XLApp As Object Set obj XLApp = Get Object(, "Excel. A query based on your linked table, or opening the table itself, will get you up to that instant data. Try linking to an Excel file, and begin entering data in a cell. Chose 'Switch to' to activate the busy application and correct the problem' dialog appears and goes bananas until you complete your Excel cell edit/entry.

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