Updating animated gif

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Android users will find the three tabs along the top of the screen, with the standard Android Compose button in the bottom-right corner.

Select the compose button to reveal your contact list, along with a dial-pad button to place a call.

The web interface has three tabs plus a menu button.

After installing the new Google Voice app on my phone, I was reminded that long ago I had enabled Hangouts integration with the service.

If you are in the same boat as me, the app will walk you through disabling Hangouts integration so you can take advantage of the new features.I removed the transparency, took out the timeline actions that were based on interactions...simplified to just a simple SVG animated - hoping to convert to animated GIF or PNG Hi, will you fix it?This has been a problem for over 6 months and has not been fixed. It's the first meaningful update to the service in five years.

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