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Cons HR department is not concerned with employee happiness. Postive reinforcements are uplifting to the employees, I'm excited to see what the future brings !

Not enough holiday time and you're expected to work a lot of overtime with no compensation - especially in the creative department. Waiting to the last minute, which leads to mistakes, which leads to more hours with no extra pay. Trend setters, always evolving not only with the merchandise but within the Company. Cons Please stop speaking to the employees like they are children. Advice to Management Mangements needs to be a little bit more involved with their staff. Pros Two's company is fairly large and started out as a small family business.

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They are constantly posting ads on job sites looking for employees because their turnover is so high..yourself a favor and keep looking. We thank our entire team for their can do attitude in getting through this time in less than ideal conditions, using the personal space heaters and hand warmers we provided, they all demonstrated a true winning spirit.We look for knowledge and experience, not business titles.No matter the challenge, our Two’s team is quick to react and adapt.Every two years the sales team joins us in NY for a wedding reception style party to celebrate the employees and the success of our company.They keep things fun while focusing on growth and future goals.

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