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2010 Olympic Champions and 2014 Olympic silver medalists Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir (CAN) returned in style to competition this season, taking gold in their two Grand Prix events Skate Canada International and NHK Trophy.Q: Now that you really came back, competing at Autumn Classic and in the Grand Prix, is it how you imagined it to be or is it somehow different? In a lot of ways we’re walking back into the same world, see a lot of the same faces, and the same buildings and volunteers and so it feels very familiar, but our approach is so different and our team is new that there are a lot of elements that bring a fresh energy as well.That’s what we really aligned ourselves with our coaches Patch and Marie and our team off the ice are just people that look at it the same way we do. S: I think that’s a great word, mature, because it wasn’t like that when we decided to come back after 2010, which was pretty much like a look at each other ‘are you done? After 2014 we didn’t retire, because we weren’t sure. We found out the more time we took away from the sport the more we couldn’t imagine sitting at home for 2018 without at least giving it a shot.

Q: Now when you come to competition you met also other skaters.

It’s just a different side of things for us that we never really thought of. Did you expect this to happen in your third competition since your return?

S: Tessa and I always have been a team that doesn’t really pay attention to the points.

You know, I was ready for a break after 2014, for sure.

Being back feels nice, it’s nice to have people in the sport that we really love and find the people that have a similar vision as us.

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