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A mother had taken her two kids swimming and were jumping off the tower. She had past away and still to this day you will see a car drive out there and see a woman in a long flowing gown with her arms out crying and calling her for her children.A very old cemetery, many people have heard a very mournful crying/screaming while driving through the cemetery even in daylight hours.Just two weeks later he wrote a scathing editorial trashing Prop 47.Is it because he knew this was going to be public and widely read? We will continue our expose’ on Sheriff Stan Sniff after the Christmas Season.

At a June 15 meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Stan Sniff told supervisors it’s still too early to know for sure what the effect of Prop. As a bonus, we stuck in the Violent Crime increase of 16 Percent in the First Half of 2015.When you add the 22% increase in violent Crime from 2015-2016 – Sheriff Sniff has a serious problem going in to his 2018 campaign.He is going to be forced to blame other people for the staggering increase in crime consistent with his last 10 years in office.An apparition of a girl has been seen twice by employees working graveyard shift .Some nights after closing, music and laughter has been heard.

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