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When he crosses the bridge, he humbly places his life and future into the hands of his God.These are his first steps toward becoming “the Apostle E.

Folktales and rituals sometimes incorporate the motif of the bridge, which is defined as a dangerous passageway, similar to the necessary terrors of rites of passage.This is not intended to be an exhaustive study of the topic of bridges in the cinema, but it hopefully will serve as a provocation for further exploration, thought, and disagreement.I have classified the films under the major headings that emerged as I watched the films and began to see both similarities and differences in the ways that bridges were employed in the stories. There are doubtlessly other ways of grouping the films.Claudia finally decides to strike out on her own, just like her father long before.The final shot shows her car coming over a bridge, the one leading out of town.

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