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However, the text is never completed; priests and priestesses transcribe their varied experiences in notebooks and these are passed on to followers.

Although tributes vary depending on the community and individual adherents, devotees usually set up a shrine or altar for each orisha, who is assigned certain colors, numbers, and objects (see Table). Praise songs and drummers are part of community ceremonies, as are dancers, who perform movements characteristic of the orisha being honored.

Devotees believe that people with broken limbs and many of the poor could be personifications of Babalú-Ayé, and that the orisha will punish those who do not help and respect the unfortunate. Santería: A Practical Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic.

One legend about Babalú-Ayé claims he was a promiscuous deity and was punished by contracting a venereal disease.

Some of these believers reject the Catholic influence, considering it a vestige of slavery; instead, they follow the religious rituals as practiced in west Africa.

Black nationalists in New York City, for example, accepted some aspects of Santería but developed their own form of the religion.

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