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By mycoffee machine at the office they have a television set that plays foxnews fair & balanced five days a week nine hours a day and all theyhave had on all week long every time I go for coffee or tea or water isthe amish schoolyard massacre plus aftermath. And they do the congressman scandal on the blogs to keep attention awayfrom other news. military leaders extraordinarily gloomy about iraq.

By just a click on your computer or Smartphone, you can reach to another person. or are things getting really fucking weird the last week?Translation: We've lost to the point we need to turn overcontrol without admitting surrender. They were holding the Foley scandal, waiting for bad news they neededto drown out. Probably bogus considering the centralnervous system whoop ass factor.You don't even need to spend so much money for the purpose because these chat rooms work by the internet, so if you have internet connection on your computer or your laptop you can chat with strangers randomly. Click the "Allow" button above to enable your microphone.

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