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Since 1990 I am composing periodically the violin, the accordeon and sometimes the hammer dulcimer - all of them for Appenzell string music.

You can download here a 60 compositions of my own in a PDF-format MP3.

Avicenna was born in around 980 in Afshana, a village near Bukhara in Transoxiana.

His father, who may have been Ismaili, was a local Samanid governor.

His relationship with the latter is ambivalent: although accepting some keys aspects such as an emanationist cosmology, he rejected Neoplatonic epistemology and the theory of the pre-existent soul.

Based in Isfahan, he was widely recognized as a philosopher and physician and often accompanied his patron on campaign.As such, he may be considered to be the first major Islamic philosopher.The philosophical space that he articulates for God as the Necessary Existence lays the foundation for his theories of the soul, intellect and cosmos.The text is a key to understanding Avicenna’s view of philosophy: we are told that he only understood the purpose of Aristotle’s after reading al-Farabi’s short treatise on it, and that often when he failed to understand a problem or solve the syllogism, he would resort to prayer in the mosque (and drinking wine at times) to receive the inspiration to understand – the doctrine of intuition.We will return to his epistemology later but first what can we say about his life?

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