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The Wi-Fi only version, though, is typically £170, but you can snag it for £130 today — just £20 more than the standard price of a Kindle Paperwhite. Now, before you decide that’s too much, let’s lay out what is similar about this model and the other ones, and what may cause a hike in the price.So, if the only thing holding you back from upgrading to a Kindle Voyage was its price hike, this may just sway you. First off, the Kindle Voyage has the same pixel density and screen size as the Kindle Paperwhite.The Kindle Paperwhite also has a built-in light, which is sure to be welcomed by readers who are tired of getting up to turn the lights off after late-night binges.The light’s only downfall is that it shortens battery life.

The Kindle Oasis weighs 133g but that’s without the cover; it’s 240g with it on, and the regular Kindle is not much bulkier than the more expensive Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage.

However, it’s still impressive the battery can last up to six weeks, although that’s only if you are following Amazon’s specifications and reading for half an hour a day with the wireless connection turned off and light set at ten.

Next up the price scale is the Kindle Voyage, which is £60 more expensive than the Kindle Paperwhite and £110 more expensive than the regular Kindle.

The new Oasis also debuts a brand new feature: Audible audiobook synchronisation.

If you own both the Kindle ebook and audiobook editions of the same title, this allows you to flick between the two seamlessly, with Bluetooth connectivity on the Oasis taking car of audio playback via wireless headphones or speakers.

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