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If they give up on Flash now and dig deep into the science of conveying visual conversational cues – then I think they will have a great company! I had a private Gmail video chat with my girlfriend.Airtime, like nearly all social video conferencing tools (e.g.Chatroulette, Open Tok [aka Tokbox], Tinychat) made the mistake of picking Flash which does not meet the human factor requirements for video chat and video conference.After examining six popular video chat apps running on Android OS, here’s our take on which ones work well and which ones you’d better leave on the shelf.The apps we’re looking at here include Skype, Fring, oo Voo, Tango, Qik and Paltalk, All of these apps are available across across multiple mobile and/or desktop platforms.

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Source: Airtime, A Pedigreed Start-up, Is Tested I am a big fan of Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, and I think their intuition about the compelling nature of Airtime as a medium that allows people to discover and meet new people online is right on.

This bad video experience is killing Airtime’s service right from the get-go.

Airtime began as a “family-friendly version of Chatroulette” (i.e.

Finding ways to remove the “nudity” that sunk Chatroulette wasn’t a bad call either.

But at the end of the day, video chat must meet the basic human factors requirements.

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