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Just wanted to come by and personally introduce myself to every branch manager. CHRIS PARKER I was "just a teller." And now I'm "just president of the largest bank in the Southwest." (to Norman) You need anything, you let corporate know. The Bank Customer sits down in the sectioned off waiting area as Carl stands in the middle of the floor. Now that Carl's behind the column, he has a clear view of the entrance of the bank. CARL Until I'm relieved as a greeter, my hands are tied. Carl slowly moves so a column blocks the customer's view of him.

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CARL'S APARTMENT Carl watches Survivor while eating Lean Cuisine. CARL'S LIVING ROOM/BEDROOM Carl lays down and closes his eyes.

Dartboard, pool table, scuffed wooden floors, Miller Lite sign, etc.

Among the patrons is our hero Carl, his best friend PETER, Peter's girlfriend LUCY, their party friend ROONEY and his ex- girlfriend, Kath who's still a little red-eyed.

" It is completely within your right to call me a bitch. KATH (tearing up) I can't believe I've been dating someone so emotionless.

KATH Your girlfriend of two years breaks up with you right before New Year's Eve and all you can say is "I get it?

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