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Even though the cameras are also video-capable, no corroborating video evidence is provided to ticketed drivers.The efforts being undertaken to ensure ATS can "write" as many tickets as possible are questionable at best.Its DC-Maryland camera system has recently run into a few snags in the money-making department due to challenged tickets.

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There's nothing behind these programs that indicate "safety" or "better driving" is the intended outcome, not when a camera contractor needs to resort to cropping photos and moving cameras just to ensure the income continues to roll in.Other security camera footage shows Tony having sex with multiple female employees.A few days later, Tony attempts to seduce Courtney, a new employee who flatly refuses his advances and notifies him of a previous sexual harassment lawsuit that she had to settle with her previous employer.The complicit government entities are only making it worse with their tendency to become swiftly addicted to new "revenue streams" -- ones that often complement campaign contributions from these same contractors.The losers here are members of the public who are now more likely than ever to be slapped with bogus tickets, often without any reliable form of recourse.

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