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After Pontids the territory became a Roman client kingdom.

Pontids In Eastern Europe the Great Migration Period kicked off with the descent of the Goths from the Baltic region into the territory of modern Ukraine, about AD 200.

A Hetman was a military and civil leader, democratically elected by the Cossacks.

Several Cossack regiments were operating in Ukraine at this time that were largely independent of each other, so some of the Hetmans' tenures overlap.

The Goths went on to conquer Southern Europe and the Huns moved to the Balkans and created a Hunnic Empire which lasted for a hundred years.

After splitting of the Empire, some of the Huns moved back north in the territories of modern Ukraine and formed Patria Onoguria, now known as Old Great Bulgaria.

) Before 1000 two children Anna Porphyrogenita of Byzantium 988 Cherson three children Regelindis (?

) of Saxony After the Council of Liubech in 1097 Kievan Rus' entered a feudal period and was divided into principalities ruled by the Rurikid family princes who were in a constant power struggle with each other.

Afterwards, the Cossack state emerged as a vassal of the Russian Empire.

The names of the Drevlyans and the Gothic Tervingi in Ukraine have often been adduced as parallels to agac-ari ("forest men" in Turkic).

According to Zakarius Rhetor and Priscus Rhetor, Patria Onoguria was a vulgar statelet in alliance with Byzantium established in 463 around Azov having been forced west upon the Akatziroi by the Sabirs who in turn were being attacked.

† The reigns of Canibek Giray in 1624 and of Maqsud Giray in 1771–1772 are not listed.

Though these khans were formally appointed by Ottoman sultans they did not reach the throne and did not rule Crimea.

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