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Texting on Viber is pretty straight-forward and easy to use.

New texts can give you a glimpse of what the person is saying in your notification bar.

The UI is easy to navigate and it knows what the consumer is going to be doing on their app: talking to friends.

It’s overall the best you can get it messenger apps.

But of course you’re not limited to texting you can also send videos, images, and files.

Everything that we expect from our experiences of a messenger app is right where we are spoiled to have and take for granted.

Your chats are found on the left side of the screen.

After you have it open, the app will ask for your phone number and username.Then, after you have finished that process Viber handles the rest of the information.The Viber experience is pretty easy and not frustrating to install on any Android device.Texting is simple and after you are done with your sentence a quick send will make your message readable to whom you are texting.Instead of Emojis you have “Stickers” that act as a placeholder for it.

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