Dating anniversary printable cards

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(Yup, it’s now a 14 page printable PACK chock full of gift-giving goodness.) Just fill out your name and email below to nab your freebie!

This was another idea from Ashley’s post that I was keen on.Your recipient will receive a barrage of love through 26 different affirmations, one for each letter of the alphabet! If this post has whet your appetite for more gifts that aren’t too expensive but come straight from the heart, guess what?I wrote a 143-page e Book to help my comrades come up with meaningful and one-of-a-kind gift ideas quickly, some in as short as 5 minutes.Too often in our busy day to day world we forget to say thank you and I love you.An anniversary card is the perfect way to let your partner or special friends know you thinking of them, appreciate them and remembered their anniversary.

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