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The Sebasti An remix of "Testarossa Autodrive" off the 1986 EP is featured in the video games Grand Theft Auto IV and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.Kavinsky's single "Nightcall" was featured in the opening credits of the film Drive, and became a major hit soon after.There were a few squadron echelon units involved in air transport from the late 1930s and a group from 1937, but most Air Corps units ferried their own aircraft and moved their own cargo. Centers: Air Mobility Command Tanker Airlift Control, -. Before their activation they were transferred from the jurisdiction of the Ferrying Command to that of the 1st Ferrying Group, which in turn was constituted by the Adjutant General on 3 March 1942. 18 Feb 42, activated 7 Mar 42, redesignated 6th Transport Squadron 29 Mar 43, disbanded 1 Dec 43. Bernie Shearon Lineage: 13th Air Corps Ferry Squadron constituted c. Air Forces, Delhi, India and reassigned to the India-China Wing, Air Transport Command. This unit was last active as the 13th Aeromedical Transport Squadron flying the C-131's & C-118's. Later in 1973, carried war supplies to Israel during a conflict in that region. In 1948 the Air Transport Command and the Navy Air Transport Service merged into a new organization, the Military Air Transport Service (MATS). USAF Air Mobility School (later, Air Mobility Warfare Center), -. The 1st Ferrying Group and its three ferrying squadrons were destined for transport service in the China-Burma-India theater and left the United States by boat on 17 March. Carter, Eureka, KS "Somewhere along the line, the First Ferry's name was dropped and we became Army Air Force Base Unit 1337. Reconstituted, and redesignated as 3 Air Transport Squadron, Heavy, on . Redesignated as: 3 Military Airlift Squadron on ; 3 Airlift Squadron on . Reconstituted on or about 20 Jun 52 as 6th Air Transport Squadron, Heavy, activated 20 Jul 52, inactivated 1 Jul 55. Stations: Pope Fld, NC 1942-17 Mar 42, Mohanbari Apt, Assam, India -unknown, Chabua Afld, Assam, India -1943. 18 Feb 42, activated 7 Mar 42, redesignated 13th Transport Squadron 24 Mar 43, disbanded 1 Dec 43. In that manner Squadron 13 of the Air Transport Command was born. Designated as the 13th Ferrying Squadron and later the 13th Ferry Squardon, 13th Air Transport Squadron, and 13th Aeromedical Transport Squadron. In 1983, supported Operation URGENT FURY by airlifting US troops to Grenada and US students from Grenada to the United States. Lineage: Activated 22 Jun 43 at Mohanbari Air Base, Mohanbari, Lahaol Station, Assam, India. Reconstituted 31 Jul 85 and redesignated 430th Combat Crew Training Gp (not active). Kavinsky's story is that after crashing his Testarossa in 1986, he reappeared as a zombie in 2006 to make his own electronic music.Kavinsky's songs help tell his story; Vincent claims in an interview, "'Night Call' is just about the zombie guy [who] goes to his girlfriend's house and says okay I'm not the same, we need to talk", referring to Kavinsky going back to find his girlfriend after the crash who has already moved on with her life.Kavinsky has been compared to many similar French house artists including Daft Punk and Danger.

Commanders, Aircraft, and Operations through May 2012. The 16th to Portland, Oregon, the 17th to Hamilton Field, and the 18th to March Field.

Source: "Administrative History of the Ferrying Command( - 30 June 1942)"Prepared by Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Intelligence Historical Division June 1945 (Revisions provided by Mr. Charles Aresta Lineage: Constituted in the Regular Army as the Air Corps Ferrying Command and activated at Washington, DC. Preliminary mission was delivering combat aircraft to the fighting fronts. Source: 3d Airlift Squadron Alumni Association History of the 3d Airlift Squadron, 1942-1973 The 3d Squadron was first constituted as the 3d Air Corps Ferrying Squadron on 18 February 1942, and was activated on 7 March 1942. On June 3, 1942, the Group was re-designated as the 64th Troop Carrier Group and moved to Westover Field and then to Barnes Airport at Westover, Massachusetts.

Redesignated 4 July 1942 as the Air Transport Command. Emblem: On a silver disc a white globe with dark blue gridlines; overall a symbolic aircraft in red and dark blue; on dexter border from upper edge of globe to upright wing of aircraft the Morse code dots and dashes in red, white, and blue for letter AFATC. Operated air route between Karachi as western terminal and upper Assam as eastern terminal. Later expanded to 11 component divisions delivering to almost every part of the world. The squadron was assigned to Pope Field, NC and then moved to Charleston AAF, SC 17-19 March 1942 where it was redesignated as the 3d Transport Squadron on 24 March 1942. The 35th joined the group on 7 June at Westover after having been formed at Middleton Air Depot, Pennsylvania. Redesignated: 4 Troop Carrier Squadron, Medium, on ; 4 Troop Carrier Squadron, Heavy, on ; 4 Air Transport Squadron, Heavy, on ; 4 Military Airlift Squadron on ; 4 Airlift Squadron on .

Source: Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) (Military Airlift Command) The organization that would become widely known as the Air Transport Command was established in May 1941 as the Air Corps Ferrying Command, and was charged initially with flying aircraft overseas for delivery to the British. Source: "Administrative History of the Ferrying Command( - 30 June 1942)"Prepared by Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Intelligence Historical Division June 1945 The 3d, 6th, and 13th Ferrying Squadrons were activated at Pope Field, Fort Bragg, N. In 1973 the 3d entitled to two campaign streamers for action in India-Burma and the China Defensive, and to thirteen decorations. Augmented active duty crews flying airlift missions worldwide, 1969-.

No real antecedents of this command are to be found, for until 1941 the Army's air arm had no pressing need for a major organization devoted primarily to ferrying aircraft and transporting troops and cargo by air. C., on 7 March, instead of at West Palm Beach as originally ordered. These include the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm and eleven Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards, some with Combat V devices. Bernie Shearon Lineage: 6th Air Corps Ferry Squadron constituted c. The 13th FS / ATS was assigned to the 29th Transport Group and flew the India out of India over the Hump. Aircrews deployed to Vietnam for duty in the war there until 1973. Bernie Shearon Lineage: 302nd Transport Squadron constituted c. Reconstituted 19 Sep 85 and consolidated with 320th Troop Carrier Squadron and 302nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron as 302nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (see 320th Troop Carrier Sq in 20th AF Units Section).

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