Christian dating advice for college students

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Yes, God absolutely positively DOES love gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians.And in case anyone is wondering, God has already demonstrated His love for gays and lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals who are not saved yet, by becoming your Substitute, taking your place on the Cross, suffering the wrath of God to pay for your sins with His blood.Students can also receive information on specific services for LGBT students of minority ethnicities, as well as details on how to report a bias incident or hate crime.The LGBT Resource Center at Cornell University was founded in 1994 and serves as the epicenter of LGBT student life for both undergraduates and graduates.The schools were then scored according to retention and graduation rate.Discover below who is leading the United States for LGBTQ students in higher education.

Ross School of Business, which offers several programs designed to promote diversity.The University of Chicago is home to the Howard Brown Health Center, one of the country’s largest health care organizations catering to the LGBT community.The center provides a variety of services, including primary health care, HIV/STD prevention, youth and elderly care, counseling, and social services.LGBTQ students, for example, have a unique set of challenges to consider.Fortunately, more and more schools are working to make their campuses, traditional and online, more inclusive.

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