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As Murron, the woman who swept William Wallace off his feet, Catherine Mc Cormack suffered a grisly death in Braveheart, but the sweet-faced girt who starred alongside Mel Gibson emerged from the film to world-wide predictions that she would be the new Kate Winslet.

Disappointed interviewers ever since have described her as attractive, but more girl-next-door than the radiant beauty who brought out the romantic in the warrior hero.

Based on the historical character of Veronica Franco and variously described as "a costume romp" and "a dull period drama", it was something of a disappointment to Mc Cormack who accepted it because "it was a wonderful female role about a real woman." Hoping, she has cheerfully admitted since, that she was going to further her career by a piece of solid acting in a La Reine Margot sort of film, she has learned to laugh at her naivete.In this case it is the result neither of sour grapes nor of the sort of worthiness which is incompatible with humour.She has had both her moment in the sun and has demonstrated an endearing capacity to laugh off her excruciatingly embarrassing moments of Hollywood tackiness."Every part I was sent seemed to be for tragic women with long hair.So I got my hair cut and sat around, because I wanted to do films with strong women in them who have something to say," she said.

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