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Considering her dislike of my rubber fetish this just added to the naughtiness of the session.

The call completed I put the ear plugs and hood back on then pulled each of the three dry suit hoods back over my head..again sealed in total rubber bliss.

I've enjoyed all types of rubber and latex including boots, waders, wetsuits, rain gear (rubber only), gloves and latex clothing. Then we moved to a place and there were hip boots in the basement.

I am a total enclosure lover and enjoy sealing myself in total enclosure whenever I can. My sister had a pink rubber raincoat, the heavy type from the 50's. I tried them on and immediately liked the rubber covering my legs, not to mention the boot tops reached all the way up to my little wee-wee and I'd get these most wonderful feelings.

I have made other entries on the experience of total rubber surrender and isolation encased in these wonderful layers of stretchy latex. The skin has 100 percent contact and reception from the smooth rubber.

Each move brings a new sensation of massage as the rubber wraps around me and caresses all of me.

I put it all on early this morning - like about am.

It took 1 1/2 hours to dress completely which includes pushing a gas mask tube under the waders and then taping the seal point tight using an old glove as a gasket and Gorilla tape.

I got calmed and finally talked with her for almost an hour.

I spent 20 of the last 72 hours encased in rubber layers. Using the three suits I have it is quite easy to achieve a totally sealed condition. This was despite profuse sweating and two pees during each session. Hearing from the outside and vision is reduced to almost nothing.

When I added the Hydroglove stocking-foot waders over the outer layer and set up a breathing system to draw air from the inside of the waders I had about as close to a sealed system as possible. Touch is reduced from the outside but is enhanced from the inside.

The new suit is everything I expected as seen in my most recent photos and videos.

I have always wanted a suit with watertight closures and completely isolating from the outside world.

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