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Too many low-income Americans have to do just that.

The Obama administration took major steps to regulate and reprimand for-profit colleges.

In one complex, a resident “had a mouse infestation that was severe enough that her 12-year-old daughter recently found one in her bed.” In another, raw sewage flowed into the apartment.

Jared Kushner stepped down as chief executive of Kushner Companies upon taking his position in the White House, although he retains a 0 million stake in the business, which still holds and manages these properties.

The past eight years of Democratic government were far from perfect, but liberal policymakers were at least attuned to the reality of exploitation and the need for policies and protections to stop and punish the businesses that work to make life more difficult, and more expensive, for ordinary Americans.

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma’s administration is on a collision course with public sector unions after it emerged that he and his cabinet are in line for salary increases, despite the dire state of the economy.

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